Thursday, October 16, 2014

From the Desk of Scribe Synodii

     We recently send out a Press statement to The Sowetan and other newspapers and would hereby give some snippets from the desk of the Scribe Synodii (Secretary) Rev KS Mabelane. 
     At our recent meeting of the Southern Synod (7-12 October 2014), we took note of some important developments, successes and challenges and made a few key decisions. 

          A (long and thorough) process of consultation with our members was finally concluded at this sitting with two (2) major decisions taken pertaining to the adoption of a new name (for the Synod), from URCSA Southern Transvaal Synod to URCSA Southern Synod. Also, a new era is inaugurated with the approval of the revised Supplementary Regulations, which complete the process of accepting unanimously the revised Church Order and Supplementary Regulations. This revised and updated document, has as its fundamental statements, the Church Order of the URCSA General Synod, released in 2012 at Okahandja, Namibia.
     But, who is the Southern Synod? Southern Synod consists of 126 Congregations spread from as far as Potchefstroom to Khunwana in North West, Johannesburg and Vaal Triangle in Gauteng and through to Balfour and Standerton in Mpumalanga (See our "About Us" page)Coined by the outgoing Moderator, Rev. D. Malete, as a “Restorative Synod”, Southern Synod elected a new Moderamen (Executive) in the person of Rev Dr LJ Modise (Moderator), Rev BB Senokoane (Assessor), Rev KS Mabelane (Scribe) and Rev Prof RW Nel (Actuarius) to lead the people of God in playing their role as we build our country into a better place for all who live in it.
   In an effort to accelerate performance and an effective implantation of its policies and strategic projects, the Synod has resolved to appoint a full-time Administrator before the end of this financial year. The Elders of this church, in a portfolio called The Elders’ Commission, have for the first time in the history of the Church embarked on a Project to raise R1m to support the work of the synod and at its launch, the project generated R325,000 revenue. This Synod has resolved to adapt this project as an Annual Synodical Project to be run by The Elders of the church every 3rd Sunday of Sept.
      Synod has also resolved to be pro-active in taking practical disaster relief remedies when calamities hit our communities, e.g. when communities experience hardships such as the recent earthquake, the Marikana incidence, Water Crisis, etc.
Furthermore and importantly, t
he Synod requested its relevant structures to engage in a study on Homosexuality  and the decisions of the General Synod in this regard in order to assist the church to meaningfully make a contribution in serving God’s people without any traces of discriminatory practices.
As a Synod and communities of faith, who shares the realities and joys of the various communities in our country, we hope to serve God’s concern for all his people. We ask members and friends to keep on supporting, engaging, but also praying for us to remain true to this calling.  

Submitted on behalf of Moderamen, URCSA Southern Synod

Rev. K.S Mabelane (Scribe-0833013936)
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