Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Meeting for unification within NG Church-family

There will be a meeting between the Moderamens of URCSA (Southern Tvl) NG Kerk (Western Tvl) and Highveld Synod (NG Kerk) in order today, 17 April 2008, to expedite the re-unfication process, between black, coloured and white churches, sgaring the same confession, yet still divided on the basis of race. A breakthough in thes regions would send out a powerful message to the rest of the country, given the fact that these regions ( of the NG Kerk) repressent some of the most ardent supporters of seperate churches and opposition to re-unification. Indeed we need to trust a pray to God for wisdom and a break through, because this indeed will give a hopeful signal.
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