Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Allan Boesak speaks on churchunity

Prof Allan Boesak, outspoken advocate for re-unification within the NG family of churches, will speak at a workshop, in Johannesburg on 8 March 2008. The workshop being planned by ecumene ministries of the NG Kerk (Hoƫveld) and URCSA (STvl), will also host Dr Nelus Niemand, from the NG Kerk and Rev Vic Pillay from the Reformed Church in Africa, the 'Indian' wing of the 'family'.

The question of re-unification is a hotly contested one and members of the various churches have different view on this. Recently the NG Kerk in Namibia, except 2 congregations, wholly rejected the Confession of Belhar. This was in line with the various other Regional Synods, who did the same. This evidently put a stumbling block in the process and the way ahead. The Moderamina of the two Gauteng Synods met last month and also later this week to plot the way forward.

It is hoped that this conversation will give direction, but more so perspective on the relevance of this process for a time such as this. It is hoped that new impetus could be gained to re-unite the NG Kerk, for witness and ministry in Southern Africa and beyond. There recent statements by Kobus Gerber on the NG Kerk's commitment to South Africa, is dependant on dealing with the lasting, embarrassing legacy of ecclesial apartheid
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