Friday, January 11, 2008

unity talks between NG Kerk and URCSA

Unity talks between the Gauteng-South regions of the NG Kerk and the URCSA got underway, yesterday, in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Representatives from the various executives met in a spirit of openness and faith, but also in hope to build momentum for this key challenge.

It was noted that in the midst of uncertainty in Southern Africa, the post electoral conflict in Kenya as well as many other challenges, the challenge of church-unification and reconciliation remain critical. The groups agreed to work towards one central administration system and nerve center, to boost the caring together idea, with some practical projects, but also to work towards united ministries. This will be accomplished by building a solid foundation, on the word of God, sharing a common vision and maintaining and building strong relationships. In the course of this year a possible regional convent is in the pipeline, as well as joint ventures to make a real difference in the region.

May we pray for grace and a new momentum in this quest, this mission... giving concrete body to the lofty faith commitments in our confessions
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