Monday, January 14, 2008

Conference on hopegiving faith communities in Southern Africa

We are exited to announce that the next SAMS congress will be held on the campus of the North West University in Potchefstroom/Tlokwe from 23-25 January 2008 in tandem with the Biennial David Bosch Memorial lecture, on the 23 January 2008 !

Since the Edinburgh 2010 organizing committee has asked SAMS to take responsibility for the commission called "The development of Christian communities in contemporary contexts", the SAMS business meeting agreed to focus in the following two congresses on gathering and analyzing stories of vibrant and sustainable Christian communities in Southern Africa. The theme for the 2008 SAMS was fixed as "Mission in humility and hope: Stories of hope-giving Christian communities in Southern Africa." It was also agreed that hope-giving has al ot to do with healing and reconciliation, so that a concerted effort will be made to gather stories of healing and reconciling communities. In the congress these stories will be told, analyzed and compared-in terms of a consistent interpretive framework- to discern trends and patterns in the mission praxis of these communities. SAMS members and other interested partners are hereby invited to submit proposals of a hope-giving community, person or social movement whose story they would like to tell in the January congress.
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