Monday, October 15, 2007

General Synodical Commission Meeting

06 October 2007
The Scribes of Regional Synods and Commissions
Dear Brothers/ Sisters
General Synodical Commission meeting
The following is important information regarding the GSC meeting. We are kindly requesting you to speedily share the relevant information with the delegation of your synod or the responsible person in your ministry.
The date of the GSC is 06 – 08 November 2007 and the meeting will be held at the Mamelodi Dienssentrum in Pretoria..
Details of the route and a map to this conference centre will be available on request.. The meeting will commence at 10 am. The conference centre will provide bedding so there is no need to provide your own bedding. However you should bring your own towel and toiletries. The cost of the meals and accommodation will be carried by the General Synod.
Regional Synods should please make arrangements to carry the traveling cost of their delegations. Regional Synods are reminded that their delegation should also include a church council member. These church council members have been appointed at the last General Synod in 2005. For those delegates traveling by air, a shuttle service will be arranged. Please contact Erika in the office with your flight details if you need the shuttle service.
With regards to ministries, one person is allowed to attend per commission to present the report of the commission. The General Synod will be responsible for the travelling and accomodation cost for these delegates.
Reports of synods and ministries should reach the scribe’s office in electronic format by the 20th of October 2007.
God’s richest blessings on the work of your synod or ministry. We are looking forward to see you at the GSC meeting.
Yours in Christ
Rev Collin Goeiman (Scribe General Synod)
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