Monday, September 24, 2007

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

The following decisions were taken at our most recent (24 Sept 2007) Synodical meeting. These are not the minutes of the meeting, but serve as a guideline for congregations and presbyteries

* that the Acta will be published by the Commission for Administation as soon as
* There will be a Fund-raising service for the Office.. SAVE OUR OFFICE-PROJECT (SOO)
on 28 Oct 2007 in Potch/Tlokwe.
* More congregations will be encouraged to pay their levies of R 150 per month through a stop order.
* We will together with the CWM explore the possibility of e camp for the ministry couples of our region next year...
* The new Integrated Ministries model forms will be forwarded to the Presbyteries and more workshops will be organized to discuss it and to implement it in our region. We are committed to the IM model.
* We will revisit our representations of women and youth at our meetings-25 % of our meetings on Church council, Presbytery and Synodical level should be women and 25 % youth.

The official minutes of the meeting will be forthcoming.

New name for our Regional Synod ?

The meeting of the Regional Synod in June 2007 decided that its time for us to have a new name. Of course, name change is never easy and we need to consult broadly as it is an emotional affair, but also costly, in terms of bank accounts, properties, etc. The last three months a task team consisting of the chairpersons of the CWM, CYM, MBB a member delegated by the Moderamen look at various options and names. Today, 24 Sept 2007, the Synodical Commission met at Kagiso and decided that these three (3) names be forwarded to our various Presbyteries. They have to discuss these and give feedback ASAP as to which name is most appropriate. The possible names are:
We would like to hear your comments


We will keep posting, the key developments and decisions taken at the meeting today.... keep coming back.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Synodical Commission meeting

24-25 September at Kagiso.
Synodical Commission meeting.
We will look at the outstanding reports from the Regional Synod and we need to take urgent decisions on matters of Administration, Name change and General Synod. The question of unification within the 'NG Kerk fam' will be of paramount importance