Sunday, July 15, 2007

Upcoming events- keep up please !

The Moderamen of Southern Tvl (for now)had a meeting and the following processes are put in place. Please diarize:
Pastoral letter will be out by next week. We will also post it here on our blog, modsouth
Acta will be dispached to congregations first week of August 07. It wil also be here as a pdf on modsouth.
Our monthly newsletter will start at the end of July 07 and it will also be here on modsouth.
Workshop on Integrated Ministries 18 August 2007 ( somewhere in Potch/Tlkowe)
for all executives and ministries. R 50 for meals and documentation.
Strategic planning workshop: 14-15 Sept 2007
Synodical Commission meeting: 24-25 Sept 2007
Next moderamen meeting 03 August 2007 at 14h30 at Kagiso church office.
So please keep these in mind and be there.

Keep in prayer our moderator and his family as they are currently facing a personal crisis due to a car accident. We pray for you Rev David Malete and your family.

Rom 8: 31
'If God is for us ; who can be against us ?' NIV
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